Mostar and Međugorje Private Tour from Dubrovnik

This private day trip from Dubrovnik into southern Bosnia and Herzegovina has something for everyone in your group – rugged nature, rich cultural heritage where East meets the West and a place of religious pilgrimage. Base tour is going to take you through eastern Hercegovina with visit to Stolac and „Stečci“ – tombstones of an early medieval civilization in this region, to Mostar a city renowned for its cultural and religious variety and sadly violent history, or to Međugorje where it is said the Virgin Mary appeared to some children on Apparition Hill or both – upon your choice. Take a walk through fortified town Počitelj. Below are suggested extra charged additional places to visit during this tour.



Add 2h in Mostar to tour

Mostar, a city renowned for its cultural and religious variety and sadly violent recent past. Place where East meets the West.Walk the iconic Mostar bridge, which gave city its name, (“most” is Croatian for “bridge”) and still separates the Muslim and Christian sides of town, take a look of small bridge „Kriva ćuprija“, the Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque, buy souvenirs at the famous Bazar, and enjoy a delicious Bosnian tradition called ćevapi for lunch.



Add 2h in Međugorje to tour

Spiritual and religious center and one of the most famous pilgrim places in the Catholic world. Thousands of pilgrims have visited the town of Međugorje every year since 1981, when it is said the Virgin Mary first appeared to some children on Apparition Hill. In Međugorje we will spend 2h and visit Mt.Križevac, Apparition Hill and St. Jacob church.

Kravica Waterfalls

Kravica Waterfalls

Add 45min in Kravica WF to tour

On the way through Hercegovina you have the opportunity to visit classic karstic phenomenon, the Kravice waterfalls. This hidden gem is like a smaller version of Plitvice, but without the huge crowds. You can even swim in the lake at the bottom of the falls, making it a perfect end to a relaxing day.



Add 30min in Blagaj to tour

A few short kilometers from Mostar lies the magnificent karstic spring of river Buna. Blagaj is settled beneath few hundred meters high rock under which river Buna comes out. There we will visit a sixteenth-century “tekija”, or Dervish Monastery and learn about pre or early Ottoman era in Hercegovina. If you prefer to have lighter lunch during this tour don't miss opportunity to taste local trout on „Blagaj way“ famous due to cleanliness of Buna river.

  • Itinerary:

    Upon pick up at your accommodation/cruise ship, our driver/guide will take you on unique journey into land of cultural diversities. 2h 30min drive will begin along coastal Adriatic road and you will enjoy view on Elaphiti and Pelješac peninsula before we cross Bosnian border. On the way to Međugorje, which is first on our itinerary, short visit to Stolac and 45min optional visit to Kravica waterfalls is planned. In Međugorje we will spend 2hrs and visit Mt.Križevac, Apparition Hill and St. Jacob church. Drive towards Mostar lasts 30min and we will pull over in west Mostar and from there we will take walk through the old town. During our 45min walk you will see “Kriva ćuprija” small bridge, Old bridge and Koski Mehmed Paša’s Mosque. An hour of free time for souvenirs picking on bazaar is planned before leaving Mostar. On departure from Mostar there is option to visit Dervish house in Blagaj. On our way back, we’ll have 30min visit to medieval town Počitelj.

  • Duration: 8h 30min

  • Included:

    BASE TOUR: English speaking driver/guide and air-conditioned vehicle/fuel for entire day (additional languages available upon request), pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, visit to tomb stones in Stolac, 2h visit to Međugorje and/or 2h visit to Mostar, on the way back 30min visit to Počitelj,

  • Not included: Other than specified

  • Type of service: Private

  • Transportation method: VW Sharan for 1 – 4 person, Opel Vivaro van for 5 – 8 person, MB Sprinter minibus for 9 – 19 person

Departure date Departure time
Child (0-6)
Junior (7-17)
Adult (18+)

Stolac | +15 min visit 8:50 to 9:05

Kravica WF | +45 min visit

Međugorje | +2 hour visit

Mostar | +2 hour visit

Blagaj | +30 min visit

Počitelj | +30 min visit 12:30 to 13:00

Dubrovnik | tour duration 8h 30min 15:30

(1 Person) TOTAL : 1690.00 HRK