Frequently Asked Questions about traveling to Dubrovnik, Croatia

What is the process of booking and cancellation of tourist services in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Below you can find frequently asked questions about the process of booking, payment and cancellation of tours, transfers and apartments in Dubrovnik. Please find increased safety measures taken to ensure you pleasant stay. Also there is link provided on daily updated information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Follow the link to see our 24 hours cancellation policy for tours and transfers.

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you might have abot traveling in Croatia.


When can I make my booking?

You can book our services online through our booking system (you'll receive reply up to 12h from your request) from 08:00 - 22:00 every day or call our office on WhatsApp or Viber contacts provided from 22:00 - 08:00

How do I make my booking?

You can complete your booking on-line by using the displayed booking form on our website. Just choose the service, date, number of child, junior and adults, your start-finish points and follow the link. The link will show you the voucher with all details before confirmation.

Must all bookings be made in advance?

We would strongly advise booking in advance. Once your booking has been made a vehicle/driver/guide/property is reserved and we guarantee availability. Last minute bookings however can be accommodated if the vehicle/driver/guide/property is available.

What type of vehicle can I choose?

You can choose one of our modern touristic vehicles; a station wagon car (1-4 passengers), van (5-8 passengers) and minibus (9-19 passengers). Depending on number of person on the voucher and type of tour/transfer (scheduled or private) you will be assigned certain type of vehicle. Note that only in case of private tour/transfer you are able to choose vehicle for additional cost if the vehicle is predicted to carries more passengers than it is on your confirmation form.

How can I find my driver/guide?

At arranged pick up/meeting point driver/guide will wait you with HORIZON sign and logo displayed.

How long will my tour/transfer last?

The times quoted are the standard duration times on a normal day. These times may vary slightly in high season when there is more traffic, bussy border crossing or road works. These affect direct route of the journey. You will be notified if there is any anticipated delay to your journey.

Why is it better to book with Horizon?

Horizon Tours j.d.o.o. is private tour company offering tours, transfers, water sports and holiday rentals under fixed rates so that you know your expenses in advance and the price doesn't depend on the weather conditions, conditions on the route or the traffic. Besides convenient and fixed prices, with Horizon Tours you don't have to waste time looking for company representatives, when you need them they are always next to you.

What happens if my flight/cruise ship or other transportation is delayed?

Drivers/guides are monitoring the flight/cruise ship/bus arrival and they know what time you are coming, therefore they will pick you up on time

Do I have extra charges in the case the driver/guide has to wait for me because of the delayed flight/cruise ship arrival?

In case your flight/cruise ship is delayed, the driver/guide will be aware of the new schedule and will wait for you as previously mentioned. We do not charge extra the waiting in this case.

The number of my credit card is correct but it was declined. Why?

There are several possibilities why your card was declined:
- Expiry date of the card is set before the date of booking
- You have reached your credit limit

Can I make a reservation with someone else's credit card?

If you do not have a credit card, you can specify a different card with the permission of the person whose name you will type as the name of the owner.


How can I be sure that my reservation has been confirmed?

Upon reservation you will receive a message that your reservation is in the process. Processing can take up to a maximum of 12 hours (an average of two hours). Reservations are confirmed only after you receive digital voucher by confirmation e-mail.

I finished my booking, but I haven't received a confirmation, what should I do?

Once you have entered all the data required for submission of reservation, your request is processed, and processing may take up to 12 hours. Reservations are confirmed only after you receive a digital voucher by confirmation e-mail. Please enter your e-mail address and phone number carefully so that you can receive digital voucher. If you do not receive your digital voucher, review the Spam folder, if it still is not there, please contact us.

What happens if I lose my voucher?

Keep your digital voucher in your smartphone. We suggest you print it. In the case you lose your voucher simply contact Horizon Tours customer support and you will be provided with a copy.

What kind of insurance do I have during the tour/transfer?

Both you and your luggage are insured during your transfer with Horizon Tours but we recommend that you have an extra travel insurance for the entire trip.


Will I be charged extra if I have a lot of luggage?

We do not charge extra the luggage of the passengers and you will be helped by the driver with its placement in the car. In case that you have extremely lot of luggage per number of passengers we kindly ask you to point that out and you will be assigned bigger vehicle for advertised price.

What if my reservation includes a child or children?

Children until 12 years are not allowed to travel without their parents. Children between 12-18 years must have an authorized statement from their parents. If your transfer requires a child seat, please notify us on time.

Do you provide services for disabled people?

No, we do not have adequate vehicle

What kind of services can I book with Horizon Tours?

Horizon Tours comapny offers you not only private tours, walking tours and private taxi transfer services but also excursions (scheduled tours) and beautifully decorated apartments with great locations all over Croatia, BiH and Montenegro. Services can also be fixed or custom made upon your preferences.

In case I book stay in one of your properties, do you require damage deposit?

Yes, every property has between 200 € to 300 € damage deposit. The amount is hold from your credit card or you give it in cash at check-in. It is refunded latest 7 days after check-out (credit card deposit) and on check-out (cash deposit) in case that no damage was committed.

Is smoking allowed in vehicles during drive or properties during stay?

No, smoking isn't allowed in the vehicle during drive neither in properties during stay.

Is the transfer direct or do we stop along the way?

Horizon taxi service operates door-to-door leading you directly to your desired destination unless arranged otherwise.

Can I carry pets in the transfer vehicle?

It is possible to provide transportation of pets, but only if they are properly placed in their travel boxes and put in the luggage department of the vehicle.

I cannot find answer to my questions, what should I do?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact Horizon Tours customer support at: or +385989363767


When and to whom do I pay for the service?

Payment of deposit means confirmation of reservation. The amounts paid to Horizon Tours j.d.o.o. Turisticka agencija are as follow:

For tours and transfers service 20% deposit of total price paid in process of confirmation and the remaining 80% of the total amount paid latest 5 days prior the service.

For accommodation service 20% deposit of total price paid in process of confirmation, 30% balance is paid latest 44 days prior to the checkin date and remaning 50% latest 30 days prior to the checkin date.

Can I complete my booking without a credit card?

Yes, valid credit card is required in order to confirm your reservation but exceptionally, for last minute reservations, we allow payment on site. In that purpose Client is obligated to ask confirmation of on site payment by phone call or by email.

Is my credit card safe when booking?

Your credit card data provided are guarantee of your reservation, or are necessary for a payment in advance, depending on the terms and conditions of the selected service. To protect data from your credit card we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and your card is processed trough specialized payment gateway company to make your transaction completely secure. In the case of fraud and abuse of your credit card by a third party, most banks and credit card companies bear the risk and cover all costs arising from the abuse. In accordance with our high ethical standards we respect your privacy. We are committed that your name, address, e-mail address and credit card information required for booking will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent.

What does the price include?

Confirmation of booking will specifie all inclusions, type of service, transportation method dates and times. No extra costs unless you want something afterward booking confirmation what is not specified in confirmation voucher you received.

Are prices per person or per service?

During the booking process you are required to fill the booking form with all details like number of child, junior, adults, date and time etc. In second step you will be able to review your settings before payment and the price is always in total for service.

How do I pay for my service?

You will be charged by one of online payment options as follows:

For tours and transfers service 20% deposit of total price paid in proces of confirmation and the remaining 80% of the total amount paid latest 5 days prior the service.

For accommodation service 20% deposit of total price paid in proces of confirmation, 30% balance is paid latest 44 days prior to the checkin date and remaning 50% latest 30 days prior to the checin date.

In some cases, when the pickup point is remote or service requires expenses in advance, Vidokrug holds the right to charge 100% of price upon confirmation of booking.

Service can be paid via PayPal (deposit payment/full amount) or by credit card (full amount).

What are the references of my service providers?

The employees of Horizon Tours Company are professionals with long term experience in hospitality industry and will be prepared for your demands. All the reviews displayed on web site are genuine and click on logo of review provider will take you to their original source.

Does my fare include a tip?

No. Giving a tip is discretionary and completely up to you.

I need a receipt for my journey, when do I get a receipt?

If you pre-pay using a debit or credit card we send you a receipt via email, otherwise you will get one onsite upon payment.


Can I cancel my reservation?

If you want to change or cancel a reservation, please follow the instructions you received in the confirmation via e-mail. Keep in mind that according to the notice period, a part or the total booking amount can be charged. We suggest that you carefully read the cancellation policy when booking.

When can I be sure that my reservation has been successfully canceled?

After the request for cancellation you will receive confirmation of cancellation via e-mail. In case that you don’t receive confirmation of cancellation on time, please check your Spam folder or contact Horizon Tours support.


Epidemiological situation in Dubrovnik, Croatia (daily updated numbers)

Croatia is legislatively and operationally divided into 21 counties (21 Županija) + district of Zagreb (grad Zagreb). Each county has its own Civil Protection Headquarters and on following link you can see daily updated numbers in total on country level, by gender and by counties.

Health precautions and safety measures applied during conducting of services

Saying ‘hi’ and shaking hands was a first thing upon meeting your host – for now we will skip this part. Instead, our staff will wear mask and keep distance during conducting services. In all vehicles and properties we provide hand disinfectants, hand wipes and masks (if it happens that you don’t have one). After each completed service vehicles and properties are being thoroughly cleaned and ventilated.

Restrictions regarding travel in domestic and international traffic in Croatia and region

Dubrovnik is detached from the rest of Croatia. So, if you arrive by road keep in mind that you will pass through Bosnia and Hercegovina. On following links you can find information regarding travel to neighboring countries Montenegro, BiH and potential restrictions or requirements after returning from these countries back to Croatia.

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